Variable Data Marketing

Ever received something in the post that wasn’t a letter but it was directed at you personally?

That’s Variable Data..

If it was done correctly it probably caught your attention and you will have been intrigued by the fact that you were reading something that was clearly targeted for you. You may have even responded to whatever it was by calling or jumping onto a website.

And that’s the power of Variable Data Marketing – more engagement with your clients and significantly better response rates.

When we measure typical direct mail responses for clients it’s usually a fraction of a percentage of people who open or respond – things like letterbox drops. However, when we develop a variable data fully personalised campaign the results are amazing. People respond to seeing their name, they respond when the offer is made to them and is specific to them.

You don’t need a massive complex database to get started with this marketing technique.

We can work with the existing information you have about your clients. Things like, are they a customer or were they a customer, where are they based, male or female etc.

Let’s talk about how we can help your business, engage better with your potential clients, make more sales, make more profitable sales and really connect with your customer base.

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