We all have them, beautiful photos of our children at various stages of their lives. Unfortunately, all too often these images are tucked away in boxes gathering dust (and probably fading away) or sitting in a small photo frame in their original printed size.


One of the most spectacular things you can do with these photos is to have them enlarged into a really big canvas print. It will look fantastic.


Consider adding an effect

Consider having one of special effects applied like Sepia or even conversion to Black and White. Our print technology uses several special black and grey inks to produce outstanding monochrome images from your photos.


The image heading this months BLOG is a great example of a really nice baby photo that looked good as a small print but when we enlarged it and printed it onto a 24 x 24 inch canvas (60 cm x 60 cm) it changed into a spectacular piece of modern art.


Recently we installed new scanning technology that allows us to scan your old printed photos, slides or negatives and produce work from these.


The results we have achieved are really great. Not everyone has the latest digital camera but many of us still have negatives, slides and printed photos of our children. Now we have the technology to convert these into a digital format and produce a beautiful print that brings these old images back to life once again.


Check back through old photo archives

Have a look in your old photo albums, there may be something there that would be fabulous enlarged and printed onto canvas.


We’ll take good care of your originals and will return them with your finished print. We’ll even send you the image/s in digital format.


Important tip when sending originals

Please make sure you pack your original images, slides and negatives well when you send them to us. A good idea would be to place them between two sheets of stiff cardboard and to use an envelope that is large enough. Also write on the envelope Do Not Bend – Photos enclosed.


As always we’ll send you a proof image before we print.